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Use custom software development to improve your business


At Techverxe, we build enterprise software from the ground up to help businesses where conventional software comes short.

We work with start-ups to established businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are highly functional, fit-for-purpose, and customizable as your business grows.

Custom-made software is an expensive investment and an invaluable asset for any organization. We understand our clients’ varied requirements and guide them through selecting the best options within their budget.

Our experience and the wealth of knowledge acquired in automating other businesses over the years, empower us to deliver optimum solutions for your business.

Techverxe can help your business in many ways. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation call to explore some automation options.

Cloud Scale-able

We design & build solutions targeting cloud infrastructures due to their significant advantages including scalability & cost reductions.


We optimize our systems for performance with the latest technology to ensure smooth operations under heavy workloads.

Growing Solutions

When your business grows, so will the systems that power your business growth. We build systems that grow with your business.

Quick Delivery

We use efficient development practices to deliver better solutions, quickly without compromising on quality.


Despite being custom, our solutions are cost-efficient thanks to modular development proven time after time.


Our Rapid prototyping services guarantee concept validation at every step of the way to avoid surprises.

Agile Practices

We use Agile development life cycle models to cater for changing business requirements – even during project cycle.

Test & Test Again

We have made it a habit to test at every stage of development to ensure the smooth delivery of reliable and bug-free solutions.


Security is a prime concern of GreyTeak and all our solutions are designed and developed with high attention to security.

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